Discover the World of Software Development

Discover the 9 major kinds of software developers, and find what kind of work each developer does. Plus, a simple roadmap to learn Software Development, the way I did.

Shatter Your Fear of Coding

Write your first line of code, discover the tool that Pros use, and Shatter Your Fear of Coding within the next 5 minutes.
(No exaggeration, Pure Demonstration)

My Startup Journey to Our First 1,000 Customers

My authentic and transparent journey to acquiring our first 1000 recurring paying customers. I will not dramatize my success or hide my setbacks. I will give it you raw, and expand on my learnings

How iLoveCoding Started

iLoveCoding was born out of my personal frustration, when I could not find a resource that would show me how to use Javascript to make real world apps and websites. Finally, I decided that I would build such a resource.