JavaScript is becoming so popular. It’s the only language that is understood by the browser, there is absolutely no competition for JS.

Javascript was first launched in 1995. It’s been over 22 years and in recent years, Javascript has become so popular among the software industry. Currently, it’s used by 99 percent of sites on the web.

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world. According to GitHub, Javascript has over 1.2 million repositories, and there are over 1.3 million questions asked on Stack Overflow compared to all other languages.  The difference is steller.

Nowadays, Javascript is used almost everywhere.

In addition to being the only cross-browser scripting language, it’s also used as a back-end language (Thanks to Node.js).

Node.js was released in 2009, you can see the trend below

Source: GitHub language trends and the fragmenting landscape


AJAX uses Javascript to reload certain portions of web pages without reloading the entire page. Pretty cool hun? 😎

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is not a technology but a technique which is used in web programming to transfer information over the internet. AJAX websites and web apps are easier to navigate than traditional ones.

Sites and applications using AJAX technique: Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Google Maps etc.


jQuery is a must know Javascript library for every Javascript programmer and web designer. jQuery makes you a better web designer & front-end developer.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is tremendously helpful to use when doing website design. A JavaScript library is a collection of several pre-coded features that a web designer would commonly use.

jQuery popularity

If you go to the website called BuiltWith you can find out what websites are built with jQuery. If I type jQuery and hit enter and go to jQuery usage statistics

You will see that according to Quantcast top 10k websites use jQuery.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Dell, Bank of America and other popular websites use jQuery as well.

Node JS

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment for developing server-side Web applications.

JavaScript can now also be used as a server-side language through the Node.js framework, and in recent years the community has gained a lot of momentum.

Note: Node JS is not a platform, it’s not a framework. Actually, Node JS is a run-time for JavaScript that allows you to run JavaScript on the machine itself. Historically speaking, JavaScript was designed for the browser. So you would create a website, User interactions, user behavior and all kinds of logic would be written in JavaScript and it would run in the browser only.

But with the help of Node JS, you can run JavaScript on the machine. This means that now JavaScript can run on the browser as well as on the machine. JavaScript can now replace and compete with other programming languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, PHP etc.

So if only speaking of front-end frameworks, you can see AngularJS is the clear winner. Thus, if you want to get into front-end JavaScript development, you might want to learn AngularJS.

With Node.js now you can build

  • Back-End of any Website
  • Blogs Survey App
  • Chat App
  • Social Media App
  • API
  • Data Processing
  • Shopping Cart
  • Game Engines
  • Desktop App

PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Mozilla, Netflix, Uber, Groupon, GoDaddy, and Ebay uses Node.js.

There’s no doubt Javascript will do great in future. More and more developers will learn Javascript than any other language. This is only because Node.js is so successful.

With the increasing usage of desktop, tablet and smartphones, JavaScript, of course, has very lustrous future. The advantage of JavaScript is that it’s native to the web, and the web is everywhere.

There are lots of frameworks or libraries developed with JavaScript: jQuery, node, angular, meteor, backbone, ember, and much more. We will definitely see a lot more JavaScript apps in the near future.

Final Thoughts

JavaScript will remain a very popular language for years to come. it would be perilous to your career as a web developer not to know it. It’s foreseeable that JavaScript will not only conserve but extend its hold of the overall software industry during the coming years.

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