I launched iLoveCoding in October 2014 to educate and transform the speed at which people learn to code.

I myself went from being afraid of coding, someone who thought programmers were mere geniuses, to becoming a confident developer. I then went on to landing 3 job offers in just 6 months.

After serving 3,269 students in the past 23 months, we have fulfilled our goal to transform dozens of lives.

Now I want to take it a step further. I am narrowing down the people I allow to take part in iLoveCoding.

I made this decision just so I can dedicate more time to serving a few people in achieving their goal to becoming a confident Full-Stack Javascript Developer.

These select people will be shown the fast lane to becoming a Full-Stack Developer, such that they can confidently answer the trickiest questions in a job interview.

I have been fortunate enough that I now no longer submit resumes. Recruiters frequently reach out to me inviting me for job interviews. I simply have more choices in my career. This makes me feel I am in control.

Simply said I am more happy.

I want you to have the kind of success I have, and for that, I am dedicating my energy to only a few people so I can maximize their results and get them to the finish line.

With that said, here are the changes I am making (Effective Saturday, Oct 15th 2016)

  1. iLoveCoding lessons and courses are limited to iLoveCoding Pro members only
  2. iLoveCoding is going to accept only a limited number of new members to the community

And there’s more.

I am restructuring the iLoveCoding learning experience.

This means that students will have a simple learning path to becoming a Full-Stack Javascript Developer.

The new students will be able to make Websites to the likes of Facebook; Apps to the likes of Instagram; TV apps to the likes of Netflix; Desktop Apps to the likes of Slack and more.

You will learn the same technology used by AirBnb, Netflix, Facebook, Walmart and LinkedIn to build their Websites, and Mobile Apps.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Imagine, it’s going to be you making those apps. I am excited just talking about this; Imagine how great it’s going to feel having that accomplishment.

The new structure of learning is going to be limited to new students:

  • Current iLoveCoding Pro members will continue to enjoy their current price privileges
  • The new iLoveCoding Pro experience will cost $350. Monthly membership will no longer be offered
  • Members who join iLoveCoding Pro before Oct 15th, 2016 will enjoy the lower price for as long as they stay a member

How can you contribute?

Inspire The World With Your Success

I want you to inspire the world. If you are a success story as a result of iLoveCoding training, email me your story at aziz @ ilovecoding.org.

What Do We Suck At? What Can We Improve?

Tell me, talk to me, what can I do better? I am eager to give you the best.

What are your questions?

What are your concerns?

What are your motivations?

email me at aziz @ ilovecoding.org

and you can be assured that I will respond back

Your well-wisher,
Aziz Ali


I, Aziz Ali, am a Serial Entrepreneur, Geek and a Learn-a-holic. I went from someone who literally hated programming to someone who now loves to code. Aziz went from the mindset of “Coding is not me” to becoming a Great coder, and now I welcome any coding challenge. I have launch dozens of websites, Worked with 3 Fortune 1000 Companies; Developed the United Airlines Airport Terminal Application, Developer Mobile Web Apps for CVS Health – All via Javascript and its awesome frameworks.