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Even if:

  • You are completely new to coding
  • You have struggled to make sense of what the heck is Javascript (Variable, Arrays, and all that non-sense)
  • You have taken free & paid courses online on udemy, codecademy etc and failed to write any meaningful piece of code
  • You are a code bootcamp graduate, and still feel like a fish out of water when it comes to code
  • You have zero confidence in your ability to code and have no clue on how to land a respectable developer job

I say this with confidence because such results are more common than you’d think

Here are just a couple of my students’ experiences:

Student: Kevin B. from St. Louis, MO

You’re hands down the best teacher I’ve found (in 3–4 years)
I REALLY — want to learn more stuff from you
The best thing about iLoveCoding is how great a teacher Aziz is. You know how some people are just natural teachers? That’s what you get on this site. He’s articulate, doesn’t assume you’re coming in knowing anything, and builds your knowledge from the ground up.
Kevin B. from St. Louis, MO
< Currently a User Interface Developer >

Fortune 500 Company, Salary Doubled
I went from a small agency to Fortune 500 Company (Fidelity National Finance) as a full time web developer where my salary literally doubled.
I by no means do not know everything about JS, but knowing the basic commands, how to create variables, functions, using AJAX, and knowing how to speak like a developer certainly helped me in landing this job

Coding is hot, and you know it

If you are paying attention to the job market, you know that learning how to code is becoming increasingly relevant, even more so than knowing Math.

Plus, it pays a heck lot more.

Coders are the builders of the modern world. The more you delay acquiring this skill, the more you will be at the mercy of people who know this skill.

But “coding is hard”

I hear you! 3 years ago, I was in the same shoes you probably are in right now.

I paid a couple of off-shore developers $8000 dollars to build a website for my startup. I was trying to make the startup work on nights and weekends and I was at the mercy of these developers. I was scared. I ran a technology company and I knew nothing about it. The startup failed.

I tried to learn Coding. I promise I really tried.

  • I tried multiple paid and free courses
  • I took two programming classes in college
  • I read at least one book on programming cover-to-cover
  • I went to a Hacking event to group code
  • I went to meetups, in which I could hardly follow the speaker, they were nerds and I spoke English. It was discouraging
  • I did more Google Search than I can count

After all this, when I would sit down to create my app ideas, my text editor would look like this:


I would have no clue, where and how to start and bring my ideas to life.

Soon I realized, its not my fault. I am not dumb, and they are not geniuses

It’s not your fault

99% of the training out there sucks

  • They are overdone
  • They are verbose, without any practical meaning
  • They are full of jargon terminology, whose meaning is not explained
  • They lack the necessary background info so you can make any sense of what the heck is going on.

You come out of the training having no clue, why you learned that concept, and why it matters.

You are left with no clue on how to apply what you just learned to build meaningful applications for the real world

Frustrating and discouraging

No one told them this:

If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it yourself
– Albert Einstein

Yes, I believe, they themselves do not fully understand what they are teaching. They are opportunist, cranking out training to make a few bucks from people who do not know any better.

3 months of Googling got me nowhere, but left me with one realization

While I was still running my startup, I desperately wanted to learn to code, so I would not feel at the mercy of my developers. I just wanted a sense of control.

I took lessons from my developers, read books, took courses but to no avail.

I am not making this up: One night I was in my bed, thinking about how it was time to shut my startup down. I was thinking through how 3 months of googling and trying to learn got me nowhere, and how my brain was just not wired to be a developer.

“These developers are special” I thought to myself.

In that moment I realized that the best way I learn is by copying practical examples. In my late teens I used to be a Photoshop Ninja, completely self-taught. I learned this skill by following practical tutorials online.

I would find something I wanted to create, follow along and over time I just internalized the methodology, and thought process of creating beautiful imagery with Photoshop.

It was automatic, effortless and fun.

I said to myself, how about if there was a website that taught Javascript the way I learn. That taught through showing how practical web features and apps are made.

I knew from my 3 months of googling that such a website didn’t exist. There was one, but it had outdated content.

That night I decided I would create a website like that one day.

From that iLoveCoding was born

So, How is iLoveCoding Different?

I am glad you asked, I like solid, straight-up questions

iLoveCoding Pro is more than just Coding Video Courses.

iLoveCoding Pro = Right Training + Learning Methodology + Mentorship

1. Right Training

iLoveCoding Pro is a selection of highly relevant courses organized in a Structured Path to become a Confident and Resourceful Developer who can build Any App, Period.

  • The Content is Practical, such that you learn how to translate technical concepts into practical use-cases. You will become a person who understands the theory and knows exactly when to apply it to build real apps.
  • The Content is Current: You learn the technologies which are in great demand today and are used to build modern day applications.
  • The Content is Real World: I will show you the exact Tools, Libraries, Approaches used by Professional Developers in the real world. No textbook gibberish here

Student: Daniel Maldonado

He shows where these things are being used in the real world!
He speaks jargon free and helps me actually keep up with the Whys, When’s, How’s, and Where’s.

Aziz is approachable, shoots it straight, and sincerely wants to help. More specifically, the videos are fairly quick and divided up in bite-sized readers digest versions that I understand.
Daniel Maldonado
< Currently Web Developer >

2. Learning Methodology

iLoveCoding combines 4 learning methodologies which are baked into how I teach coding. The benefit of which are evident from the first video you watch.

  • Fundamentals First: Most training will not give you the relevant context around why, when, and what about a given technology. They only show you the How. This approach is clearly not enough. I will tell you Why we are using a particular technology, when it should be used and what the technology is at its core. Once you Identify that, the how comes effortlessly
  • Copy: Copying the right examples and practice tutorials are fundamental to learning anything. Kids are the best learners. The large part of their training comes from copying. They mimic adults and subconsciously know how to behave in which situation.
  • Project-Based Practical: You use the web daily, What if you had the ability to create many of the features of the web like Drop-down, search, login, blogging, slideshow animation etc?
    Would that be exciting?
    I keep you excited by teaching you how you can build these features.
    The feeling after you create something meaningful is priceless.
  • Learn through Analogies: Our brains learn new things easily if they are similar to another idea we already know about. We remember names better if we link the name with another person with the same name. I employ these brain hacks to convey key concepts such that you will never forget them.
Student: Kevin Freeman

I’ve learned more from these courses than Codecademy
Wow! Amazing. I must say its something like I’ve never seen with other Javascript courses (Udemy/Youtube). Thank you for making these courses/lessons. I’m learning a lot and I am glad to having you as my mentor!
Kevin Freeman
< Currently a Freelance Web Developer >

3. Mentorship

Learning something new is hard work, it can get discouraging without the right attitude and guidance. I know the common pitfalls to learning programming, that is why you will have access to me.

More on that later.

What’s Included in iLoveCoding Pro

iLoveCoding Pro gives you the simplest path to Front-End Development, such that you can build any modern website and responsive-design mobile website.

iLoveCoding is a Complete, Step-by-Step, Look Over My Shoulder, Video Screencast Training

You will start off by learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and build a blog from scratch

  • I will show you some neat tricks of designing webpages that even professionals get wrong (I know this because I have interviewed dozens of developers, and 90% of them get this thing wrong)

After which, you’ll delve into Javascript, the fundamentals of Programing:

  • You’ll learn to apply your skills and create 4 unique applications
  • Now this is important: You will not only learn theory, you will also apply your knowledge to build functional applications that work
  • You will learn how to think like a programmer, a computer whisperer so that your instructions are understood by the computer
  • You will learn how to get started and organize your code
  • You will no longer have those moments where you are staring at a blank screen and wondering, where to get started

Entering jQuery Most students find this section eye-opening:

  • This section will teach you how to build interactive websites
  • Features like Navigation, Photo slider, Click effects, Animation, Drop-Down menu, Accordion, and so much more. It will be fun, trust me!
  • After going through this section, you will develop a new lense through which you will see the web. It’s really remarkable. You will go to inspect its code, and you’ll be able to make sense of how they coded a particular feature. You’ll become a mini hacker
  • You will also learn about AJAX and making API calls. Simply said, you will be able to integrate with third-party APIs like Google Maps, Youtube, Twitter etc and leverage them in your application.

Learn to Create Websites Quickly with Bootstrap Framework:

  • Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework, it’s so popular that it’s safe to say that millions of websites (including iLoveCoding) are built with it
  • You do not have to write 10 lines of code when you can write one, right?
  • Bootstrap allows you to build Responsive Websites Fast

Congrats, you are a Solid Front-End Developer:

  • By the time you complete the above section, you would have become a solid Front-End Developer.
  • HTML & CSS are basics of web design
  • Javascript will give you the foundation of Programming
  • jQuery will make you a Front-End Feature builder, and Bootstrap will make you a fast websites and mobile websites builder
  • All in all, you are a Complete Front-End Developer
  • Do not stop here, continue and you’ll become irresistible for employers to hire you

Bonus: Learn to Use Any Web API:

  • You’ll learn to integrate with ANY WEB API on the planet
  • Be it Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Stripe, Firebase, you name it
  • Again, the reason you will make such a significant progress so fast is because you will get comfortable with the fundamentals
  • Just like if you can learn how to drive a car, you can drive any car after that
  • Once you learn how to use Web APIs, you will be able to integrate with any Web API provided by any vendor

Learn Modern Front-End Development with Angular JS:

  • Angular JS is an alternative to jQuery created by Google
  • You’ll be able to make modern Single-Page Applications. Not just websites but web apps
  • Your applications will be structured, performant and well coded
  • You will triple your speed at which you will build web apps
  • After you are done, you will become a hot commodity in the development world
  • Employers will invite you for job interviews, as you will have more skills than the rest of your competition

Bonus: Learn React JS Course

  • React JS is an alternative to jQuery and Angular JS, created by Facebook
  • It’s gaining popularity pretty fast; In fact, Netlix, Instagram, AirBnb, Facebook Mobile App, Expedia, and 100s of other popular apps are built with it.
  • Your employability will go off the charts when you get good with this

Getting Good with Git

  • Git has become the standard tool for code collaboration
  • Git is super duper powerful. It can be confusing and easily overwhelming if taught by the wrong teacher
  • Inversely, Git can be super liberating if taught by the right mentor. You know which one I am 🙂
  • You must adopt the tools that employers are seeking. When you become good with Git, you are more desirable to employers

Putting your website live

  • I have worked with dozens of developers in my career. They are computer science majors, industry veterans, code junkies, but most, yes most of them do not know how to build a website from scratch and put it live.
  • Surprised? I was too. Well when you are through this section, you’ll be able to put your website live and show it off to the world

You will have a solid foundation to build anything

Yes, anything.

  • You will be able to make Websites to the likes of Facebook;
  • Apps to the likes of Instagram
  • TV apps to the likes of Netflix
  • Desktop Apps to the likes of Slack and more.

You will learn the same technology used by AirBnb, Netflix, Facebook, Walmart and LinkedIn to build their Websites, and Mobile Apps.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Imagine, it’s going to be you making those apps. I am excited just talking about this; Imagine how great it’s going to feel having that accomplishment.

Bonus Training as Part of Your iLoveCoding Pro membership:
(The following training will be released over the next few months)

Student: Robert Crocker

Get insights into the thought process of development
You’ll not only get great hands-on experience, but also insights into the thought process of a developer as they build out the types of solutions we see on the web everyday
Robert Crocker

Here is the best part: Live Group Calls With Me

For 3 months, every other week, you will join me on a group call, where:

  • I will answer all your questions live
  • I will solve your code problems live as you witness and learn from me how to think through writing code
  • When you will see my thought process, you will subconsciously mirror it, and get better at coding
  • I will mentor you on your career questions
  • I will give you feedback on your work
  • I will clarify any confusion you have about technology, career, trends, and solution you are struggling with

You will have the relief that I have your back in your journey.

iLoveCoding Pro is for you, if you say “YES” to ANY of These Qualifications

  • You want to start a new career in Website Design, Web Development, Front-End Development or Full-Stack Development
  • You are just curious to learn coding and like build real stuff
  • You love to code and learn new technologies
  • You want to take the path to learning that will give you the most leverage in creating apps and websites
  • You want to be a freelancer and work on Client Development Projects
  • You want to build and launch your startup app or website
  • You believe that a technology/career mentor will accelerate your speed of success

iLoveCoding Pro is NOT for you if:

  • You are expecting to not work hard at learning these new skills
  • You don’t have time to refill your coffee cup, let alone watch the training
  • You are at your last dime, and do not have money to buy. Don’t join
  • You are giving iLoveCoding Pro a chance to prove it to you that it works. If you come in with that attitude, you will not work honestly, and hence will not achieve the desired results
  • You are not going to work

Summarizing what you get

16 Courses that take you from the basics of coding to a solid programmer

  • Learn HTML & CSS in 14 days
  • Learn Javascript in 14 Days
    • Practice: Building Calculator App with Pure Javascript
    • Practice: Rock Paper Scissor App with Pure Javascript
    • Practice: Simple To-Do App with Pure Javascript
    • Practice: Stop Watch App with Pure Javascript
  • Learn jQuery in 14 Days
  • Learn to use Web API of any online service
  • Learn & Master Bootstrap in a Week
  • Learn Angular JS in 14 Days
  • (Coming Soon) Learn React in 14 Days
  • Getting Good with Git
  • Going Live: Putting Your Website Live
  • Bonus Full-Stack Development Path:
    • (Coming Soon) Learn Express.js and build Back-End API
    • (Coming Soon) Learn to use MongoDB Database, the JSON-like Database
    • (Coming Soon) Learn React Native & Build Android & iOS App (Android & iOS)
    • (Coming Soon) Learn Native Script to Launch Mobile App (Android & iOS)
    • (Coming Soon) Build Desktop App with Electron

Live Group Coaching Calls with Aziz

For 3 months, every other week, you will join me on a group call, where:

  • I will answer all your questions live
  • I will solve your code problems live as you witness and learn from me how to think through writing code
  • When you will see my thought process, you will subconsciously mirror it, and get better at coding
  • I will mentor you on your career questions
  • I will give you feedback on your work
  • I will clarify any confusion you have about technology, career, trends, and solution you are struggling with

What if you were mentored by a Person Trusted by People You Trust?

Yes, I am talking about me, I have achieved a lot in a short time, and I want to assure you, that you can too. Merely 3 years ago I got my first developer job at United Airlines

I worked for United Airlines where I built their Airport Checkout Software. This application is used daily across 659 airports around the world. All United Airlines, checkin, upgrade, seat-selection, transfers etc are done via the software I built (with a team)

Terminals at the airport that run the software I built. It sounds complicated, its really not. you’ll be able to do it too.


Immediately after, I got a Lead Developer role at CVS Caremark.

CVS Caremark hired me to build 2 modern Web and Mobile Applications to Refill Prescription and Check Drug Cost. This app is now used by 1000s of people and making life a little more convenient for them

This gave me my initial confidence and the rest is history.

Ryan Dracula

I really love this site I always wanted to learn to code but never had the money to pay for school and this will make one of my wishes become reality.
– Ryan Dracula
from Suriname, South America


Join iLoveCoding Pro, and become my student

iLoveCoding Pro is an Investment of $400, however, as an Invite special, I am offering a $75 off.

You get all of this for a one-time payment of $325.

You will have full access to the training for the next 12 months.

You can also choose a 3-month Installment Payment Plan, in which
you pay 4 Payments of $97/month for 4 months (totaling $388)

Click here to Join iLoveCoding Pro Now

The 4-month installment payment plan is to keep this training cashflow-friendly. When you enroll in the Installment payment plan, you agree to make all 4 payments.


Jason Hess

From Terrified to Loving It
Aziz!!! You make this look too easy. I’ll be the first to admit, I was terrified to start playing around with Node.js and your videos not only have me, LOVING IT, understanding it, but also wanting to learn MORE, MORE, MORE. I feel like I stumbled upon my JS guardian angel.

– Jason Hess

Ivaylo Yosifov

I find your videos very informative, the knowledge is presented in a way that suits me and my current programming knowledge which is more of the hobby side. Keep up and well done for the things you’ve done so far.
– Ivaylo Yosifov

Aziz, I didn’t read the full page, give me a summary in FAQ format

What is the cost of iLoveCoding Pro?

iLoveCoding Pro is $400. However, there is a 18.25% invite discount

iLoveCoding Pro is either:

One-time Payment of $325

or 4 Installment payments of $97/month for 4 months.

Click here to Join iLoveCoding Pro

What is the format of the training?

Training self-paced. You will have access to a Learning Path comprised of Video courses and practice video tutorials to follow.

Every other week, for 3 months, we’ll have a group call, where I will answer any questions you have live 🙂

When do I get access to the training?

You get access to the core training Immediately. The bonuses will be released in the coming months

Student: Michael Jones

The subject matter is concise and clear. The shorter, specialized lesson videos make it easier to come back and review if necessary.
Your passion for JavaScript and teaching are the two strong points in my decision to subscribe.
– Michael Jones
Santa Clarita, CA USA

Click here to Join iLoveCoding Pro



I, Aziz Ali, am a Serial Entrepreneur, Geek and a Learn-a-holic. I went from someone who literally hated programming to someone who now loves to code. Aziz went from the mindset of “Coding is not me” to becoming a Great coder, and now I welcome any coding challenge. I have launch dozens of websites, Worked with 3 Fortune 1000 Companies; Developed the United Airlines Airport Terminal Application, Developer Mobile Web Apps for CVS Health – All via Javascript and its awesome frameworks.